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Mohawk provides so many choices for every room in your home that let you express your personal style.  Mohawk helps determine which flooring is right for you by offering floors that extend into all markets, including carpet flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and ceramic tile. 

You can choose from different series of floors within these markets to give your home a variety of Mohawk excellence.  Even after 125 years, Mohawk continues to be one of the most recognized and trusted flooring brands in history.  Also, Mohawk serves as an industry leader in environmental initiatives with some of the latest technology that works toward a more innovative process, such as "carpets made using corn sugars rather than petroleum." 

As one of the world's largest floor covering manufacturers and distributors, Mohawk takes great pride in providing high quality products to meet all of the flooring needs in your home. At Colorado Carpet & Flooring, we are understandably proud of Mohawk's longevity.  Mohawk has been able to stay current with the latest trends and fashions that make their floors bestsellers, generation after generation. 

By closely following the interior design and fashion industries, Mohawk ensures that every tone, every texture, and every pattern in each floor is in harmony with current styles in furniture and home décor.  With Mohawk's flooring, you can have a rich history and unparalleled expertise - all within your budget.  And best of all, Mohawk is offered at Colorado Carpet & Flooring.  

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