bamboo flooring

The Secret to Great Bamboo is Cali Bamboo

Homeowners that have never experienced Cali Bamboo may be quick to assume this product is just like any other bamboo. They might even look at bamboo flooring reviews in general, and make their overall considerations based upon those. However, the fact is, not every bamboo flooring product is created the same way. As you’ll soon find out, this product is far superior, making it the absolutely best choice in the bamboo line.

At Colorado Carpet & Flooring, even we saw the difference in these two products and made the switch. At one time, we carried the same kinds of bamboo flooring that other local flooring companies did. Once we learned the difference, in a concerted effort to provide our customers with the best flooring possible, we quickly made the switch. With a showroom located in Colorado Springs, CO, we serve the areas of Colorado Springs, Littleton, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Denver and Parker. We invite you to stop by to see the Cali difference for yourself, and get your own flooring process started with us.

Cali Bamboo Isn’t Just any Bamboo

At the root of the Cali Bamboo experience is the proprietary Fossilized manufacturing process. This not only means that the flooring itself has a density that beats other solid hardwood flooring with twice the density, but it also comes with a fifty-year warranty. That’s hard to beat in this industry, and it’s something you’ll want to consider if this type of flooring has made it to the top of your list.

It’s not just the favorite bamboo flooring type that homeowners prefer, either. Homebuilders, contractors and even DIY project pros, prefer Cali Bamboo over other similar building products. It has one of the lowest VOC contents and there’s no urea formaldehyde added, so you’ll enjoy both durability as well as sustainability. And all this will be wrapped up in a wonderful life span that leaves you with little to worry about.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that our bamboo is kiln dried, which means it won’t be too damp upon arrival at your home. This can go a long way, not only during installation, but also in the overall performance and life span of your flooring. It’s also very durable, as one of the densest and strongest wood floors in the industry. It’s a great floor covering for home where kids and pets are the norm.