Hickory flooring


​Hickory hardwood (1820 Janka)

Hickory has a more rustic or country look that many people find appealing. Hickory is readily available and is manufactured mostly in North America. Hickory hardwood ranks scores an 1820 on the Janka scale.


Hickory is a wood that is very durable because of its hardness. It is much harder than white oak (1360) and harder than hard maple (1450). Both natural and saddle looks are very "Colorado" making hickory a great choice for just about any home in Colorado. Hickory is more stable than maple but less stable than Oak.


There is not a wide variety of looks with hickory compared to oak. It is less stable and more expensive than oak. Hickory is in the same price range with maple.
Durable hickory flooring in Colorado Springs, CO from Colorado Carpet & Flooring, Inc.

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