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Durable oak flooring in Denver, CO from Colorado Carpet & Flooring, Inc.
Out of white oak and red oak, red oak is the more traditional choice. Popular for its light golden to reddish pink tones and its more unique "wider" strong graining patterns, red oak is a sound long-lasting wood product. It is the most prevalent species used for hardwood flooring. Its popularity lies in its durability and pleasing grain and color. It works very well in numerous areas of the home as furniture, flooring and woodwork. Because red oak is more common, it is less popular than white for very fine furniture, however.

​Red oak (1290 Janka)

Oak is the most popular wood species used in Colorado for hardwood flooring. There are more than 60 species of oak growing in the United States but only 2 are predominately used for hardwood flooring. A very traditional hardwood, oak has beautiful natural graining, color, and character.

​​White oak (1360 Janka)

White oak is the harder wood of the two, having less pronounced finer graining and a warmer golden brown color. White oak is more stable, accepts stain colors more evenly than red, and may undergo a medium degree of color change developing a tawny patina over time. Used for hundreds of years in the building of boats, truck beds, wooden wagon wheels and wine barrels, it is more resistant to air and moisture. It also has a tighter, more uniform straight grain than red. This wood is very hard, durable, and resistant to problems like insects and fungi. Though it is a better choice for outdoor projects, it is also a great option for high traffic areas in the home, such as foyers and recreational areas.


Oak is a very versatile wood compared to hickory and maple. It can be easily stained and is readily available. There are many options with oak. From smooth finishes to hand scraped, from select grades to cabin grades, a person can almost always find the look and color they are going for with oak.

Oak is less expensive than both hickory and maple. Oak is a more stable wood than both hickory and maple. It is very appealing in any room, can be refinished several times and is extremely durable. The wood goes with any type of furniture or home style and brightens and warms all areas. Both red and white provide high shock absorption and are resistant to wear and splitting. They last longer than vinyl or carpeting and are easy to maintain and keep clean, which can provide relief to asthmatics and allergy sufferers.


Oak is the softest wood when comparing it to hickory and maple. There is also less sizzle around oak because it is so common. It has become a generic look and isn't going to get the hype when compared to virtually all other hardwoods.

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